Intermediality and Storytelling

Eds. Marina Grishakova and Marie-Laure Ryan


The “narrative turn” in the humanities, which expanded the study of narrative to various disciplines, has found a correlate in the “medial turn” in narratology. Long restricted to language-based literary fiction, narratology has found new life in the recognition that storytelling can take place in a variety of media, and often combines signs belonging to different semiotic categories: visual, auditory, linguistic and perhaps even tactile. The essays gathered in this volume apply the newly gained awareness of the expressive power of media to particular texts, demonstrating the productivity of a medium-aware analysis. Through the examination of a wide variety of different media, ranging from widely studied, such as literature and film, to new, neglected, or non-standard ones, such as graphic novels, photography, television, musicals, computer games and advertising, they address some of the most fundamental questions raised by the medial turn in narratology:  how can narrative meaning be created in media other than language; how do different types of signs collaborate with  each other in so-called “multi-modal works”; and what new forms of narrativity are made possible by the emergence of digital media.











Marie-Laure Ryan


Fiction, Cognition, and Non-Verbal Media 




David Ciccoricco


Games of Interpretation and a Graphophiliac God of War





Ruth Page


Interactivity and Interaction: Text and Talk in Online Communities





Paul Cobley


The paranoid style in narrative: the anxiety of storytelling after 9/11




Jason Mittell


“Previously On: Prime Time Serials and the Mechanics of memory”




Elsa Simoes Freitas


Advertising the medium: on the narrative worlds of a multimedia promotional campaign for a public service television channel.




Per Krogh Hansen


All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! Prolegomena: On film musicals and narrative




Samuel Ben  Israel


Inter-Action Movies: Multi-Protagonist Films and Relationism




Marina Grishakova


Intermedial Metarepresentations





Brian McHale


Narrativity and Segmentivity, or, Poetry in the Gutter





William Kuskin


Vulgar Metaphysicians:

William S. Burroughs, Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman,

and the Medium of the Book





Jan Baetens/ Mieke Blyen


Photo Narrative, Sequential Photography, Photonovels





Markku Lehtimaki


The Failure of Art

Problems of Verbal and Visual Representation in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men





Alison Gibbons

The Narrative Worlds and Multimodal Figures of House of Leaves: “–find your own words; I have no more”